About Us

Wildcat Environmental Services is proudly owner-operated.
Therefore, the standard of quality and customer satisfaction
we offer is unmatched.

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  • We provide cost-effective solutions, honest service, and lasting results.
  • We offer an extensive catalog of services and have in-depth knowledge in the area of fisheries and wildlife management.
  • We prioritize our management objectives to ensure that the vision of the landowner is met with complete satisfaction.
  • We serve private landowners, tribal business entities, and federal and state government agencies across the southwestern United States including:
  • New Mexico
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • Texas
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Our Background & Expertise

At Wildcat Environmental Services, our principals are from vast and varied backgrounds in fields of

  • Commercial construction
  • Energy production
  • Wildlife and fisheries management
  • Stream and river restoration
  • Natural resources consulting

Our extensive background and expertise allow us to view natural resource management issues from any perspective, and the experience provides a knowledge base that makes us uniquely equipped to deal with today’s natural resource management challenges.


Our Responsibility

Anticipating issues, taking decisive action, and mitigating incidents before they become problems is our responsibility toward our clients. Ranging from wild-land and riparian restoration to industrial natural resource consulting or trophy sportfish management, we provide what our clients need. We offer the right solution, the first time, for the right price.

Jason Wiebenga

Jason Wiebenga

Jason received a Bachelor’s degree from New Mexico State University, graduating in 2002 with a major in Wildlife and Fisheries Management. Jason has been fortunate to have worked for various agricultural and industrial companies in a land management capacity.

Jason Rector

Jason Rector

Jason received his Bachelor's degree in Fisheries Science in 1998 from New Mexico State University. He subsequently went to work for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for three years studying streams and rivers throughout the state of Texas. This unique experience allowed Jason to expand on his knowledge of both the morphological and biological components of riverine ecosystems.